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Today’s fast-paced progression in global economy demands more and more of businesses, especially in keeping up with information technology developments. Shortage of IT personnel, high turnover of staff in IT departments, lack of expertise or gaps in IT skills of staff and the high costs of keeping pace with IT developments are just some of the challenges faced by all businesses today.

Prahna Concepts Sdn Bhd is a company established to address these challenges. PCSB offers various services in the ERP market which capitalize on opportunities that have arisen in the ERP market in the Asian region, especially with SAP

The differentiation of PCSB from other ERP implementers is the skill-set offered. Besides offering the highest quality of functional and technical services for SAP implementations, PCSB specifically targets niche areas of services not offered by other SAP service providers.

We believe that our value proposition is that PCSB has a group of highly experienced SAP professionals who have been in the SAP industry for many years. PCSB consultants have carried out SAP ERP full cycle implementations before and are well versed in the necessary steps and procedures involved in deploying and supporting SAP systems quickly, effectively and most importantly, cost effectively.

Due to our in-depth understanding of the operations of SAP as an organization as well as the SAP product suite itself, we could be a value-added partner working in collaboration with our customers towards achieving the following:

  • To cost-effectively yet efficiently provide skilled resources for SAP Support Services.
  • Assist in issues/problem identification, diagnosis and problem resolution expertise across all SAP application modules
  • Leverage on PCSB’s ability to identify and provide skilled SAP resources so that customers can maintain a high quality of service required by end users.
  • Conduct workshops on areas of SAP that enables client staff to be up skilled in the SAP related Functional and Technical areas.
  • Able to work closely with the technical team and provide the right information and advice on the best ways to leverage on SAP’s technology and where to incorporate complimentary solutions to enhance the SAP solutions.

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